Not Your Daughter’s jeans assortment 20pcs.

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Not Your Daughter’s jeans IRR assortment 20pcs. 

Not Your Daughter’s Women's jeans IRR assortment.
Assorted  Denim jeans.  The patented “Tummy Tuck” technology makes a women look a full size smaller. 
NYDJ is the original slimming jean, designed with a superior fit that makes women look and feel amazing.

This stock is classed as IRR (irregular) as it is a closeout and comes without any hang tags to prevent retail store returns. IRR to include: Mill flaws such as pulls in the fabric, skipped needle on bottom hem, pocket reinforcement, shade differences, sewn fabric slub/hole, sent to laundry, stitched hem, fabric pulls, missed threads, repaired belt loops, repaired and or missing buttons, small stains, repaired and or missing rivets. 

Regular retail price $108.00-$128.00ea.   
Case pack: 20pc. assorted.
sizes: womens mixed.

Image is used for display purpose only. Each case pack is different.

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