Levis wholesale apparel SALVAGE pallet 450pcs.

Levis SALVAGE pallet 450pcs.
Men's and Women's apparel.
98% bottoms. Includes: IRR, damages, dirty, & customer returns. Sold AS IS.
Shipping in one gaylord/pallet. Estimated lead time 2-3 weeks is required for delivery.
This stock is sold AS IS.
Buyer to pay freight costs exw. LS&Co warehouse facility. 
Shipping will be billed in addition once all packed and quoted.

Pallet: 450pcs.

This order is sold in confidence. There are no refunds, exchanges of any kind. All goods are sold as described & all sales are final. Buyer agrees to make payment in accordance with the terms of this confirmed order. Enclosed is a sample presentation of some of the items shipped in past orders. Each and ever group is different. Styles, labels, sizes, colors will vary.

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Manufacturer Levis
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