Frequent Questions

E-Fashion Wholesale is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. If your question is not answered below, just contact us. We're here to help.

Placing an Order

How do I order from E-Fashion Wholesale?
You may place an order directly on our site simply by using the shopping cart feature and clicking on the 'Add to cart' button next to the item you want. You can also contact us by phone at 732-866-9976. A sales executive will assist you in purchasing.

Are all your product offers 100% Authentic?
Absolutely, all stock is 100% genuine. All merchandise offered for sale by is 100% authentic designer liquidations, closeouts, and or overstocks. Each and every offer we have for sale comes from a direct channel of distribution that can be backed up by supporting documents and or paperwork to prove the items authenticity.

Do you send samples?
Due to very rapid inventory turnover, we may be sold out of an item before any samples arrive. Therefore we do not send out samples.

Do you have a catalog?
Our website is our catalog! Our Website allows us to offer very rapid updates of our product line as well as in season and out of season product at all times.

How can I check on my order?
You can check on your order by logging in under your buyer ID and clicking order status or by calling 732-866-9976 and asking for web site customer service. Please wait at least 24 hours after ordering to allow for availability of status information to e-mail directly to you.

New Store Openings

I am new to business can you help me get started?
Of course we can, the nature of our business allows us to get any size retail location up and running at a minimal cost of inventory. For years we've supplied retail stores large and small with merchandise for all their inventory needs. We offer: The very best competitive prices to all accounts, large & small. A tremendous assortment of popular apparel. E-mail bulletins featuring new merchandise. Fast delivery.

Merchandise Selection

What is a closeout?
When a manufacturer produces too much of an item and dosen't sell all of it, or doesn't deliver product on time, they are forced to sell it at a greatly reduced price to make room for their new styles. These bargains are referred to as closeouts. Closeouts have become the lifeblood of the current consumer driven economy.

How do I find out about new product?
We receive new merchandise on a daily basis, and within hours it's on our web site. Bookmark or add our site to your personal favorites, log on and by clicking the "new products" button you will be linked to all the new product arrivals posted. Also we send out E-mail notifications, we will automatically send new information right to your mailbox.

Why do some brand labels have a line marked through them? Are they irregular?
E-Fashion Wholesale does not offer irregular merchandise unless it is clearly marked as such in our description. The red or black line that sometimes appears on certain labels is the manufacturer’s way of designating the item as a closeout. It also is intended to prevent a retail customer from returning the item for full retail price to the store where it was originally sold. It should not be assumed that the item is irregular unless it is clearly indicated in our description.

What is a "cut label" garment?
A: Manufacturers that make private label garments for very public, very high profile brands are sometimes required to remove the brand label entirely before selling the garment to us. A second label with size and washing instructions will always remain on the garment. These items are clearly identified as "cut label" on our web site and are always first quality unless noted.

I have a small store. Do I have to order items in the 24pc or 36pc packs as listed or may I order smaller quantities? 
Selling in pre-packs case-packs keeps our warehouse clean of odds & ends and allows us to turn product quicker which, in turn, enables us to provide more selection to our customers. Selling less than a pre-pack doesn't provide our customer with enough selection and lowers our efficiency.

Why does E-Fashion Wholesale sell merchandise only in pre-pack assortments? I'd rather pick my own colors and sizes.
We sell in pre-packs in order to provide the retailer with the highest level of consistency in our product. Our goal is to enable you to 'waterfall' consistent colors and sizes wherever possible, and to have the first pack of a particular item look the same as the last pack. Picking your own preference of colors and sizes is what manufacturers allow you to do, but of course they'll charge you 60 - 80% more per item.


How soon will my order ship?
Orders will change from "pending" to "processing" upon authorization of payment. "Processing" means we are picking, packing, and getting your order organized to ship out to you. "Pending" orders go to "process" in the sequence they are received into our system and can take five to seven business days to change to "enroute". Once your order has been shipped your status will go to "enroute" please allow UPS or selected carrier 3-5 business days to deliver your item depending on your domestic location. When a tracking number is listed with your order, please note that it has been assigned before the carrier has the package. If your tracking number does not appear immediately when attempting to track your package, the carrier may still be processing this information. You may need to check the carrier's site periodically for the updated information.

I was out of my store and I think UPS/DHL might have returned my order to you. Will you re-ship the order?
UPS/DHL drivers are required to make 3 delivery attempts, known as 3 strikes and you're out. If you are not in on three attempts or do not try to pick-up a 'will call' shipment within 7 days they will return the shipment to us.


What happens if the merchandise I order doesn't sell? Can I return it?
We leave merchandising decisions up to you. It isn't possible for us to make guarantees to our customers as to what will and won't sell. If an item doesn't perform at all within a couple of weeks, we recommend a quick markdown and go on to the next item. Remember, your first markdown is your best markdown.

What do I do when something comes in damaged?
We stand behind the merchandise we sell as 1st Quality unless noted as irregular in the description. In the event there is a problem with an item, just e-mail us at, call 732-866-9976, within 48 hours of receipt, give us the details of your situation, the invoice and order number and one of our customer representatives will contact you shortly.

Definitions and Terms

Prepack or Casepack -an assortment of merchandise with a pre-determined color, style, and size ratio, based upon the original way the merchandise was received by our warehouse. If we received 50% black, then our pre-pack will also contain 50% black.

Shipping charges -the normal cost incurred to ship the merchandise from our warehouse to your store. Most of our Internet orders are shipped via UPS/DHL, and a general estimate of freight costs is 6% of the orders total dollar value for continental US east of the Mississippi, 8% west of the Mississippi and 14% for AK, HI, and US trust territories via USPS.

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